Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just when they raised my ER deductible to $100…

With Little A coming into this world in less than a month’s time I have been browsing around the interweb for a very tiny pair of puma’s to assure she will be dressing just as fly as her Aunt A. I finally found the perfect pair which match both her mommy’s pumas and mine, are pink so The Future Mrs. My BMF will approve and….they were for the low low price of only $14. Score one for the home team! Needless to say I was pretty pumped, but being the shoe-hoor that I am I of course had to browse around a bit more…

While on the site, I clicked on the Heelys link just to see what they had. Honestly I have wanted a pair of these for years but could never justify spending 50 to 60 bones on a pair of shollerskates, I’m ridiculous, but not quite that level of ridiculous. Plus if you really wanted to talk about total cost you would have to add in my ER deductible, so basically we are talking about a $160 dollar pair of shollerskates. Honestly, you could probably buy a slightly used kidney for $160 on the black market or at the very least an asian baby. I digress. Much to my elation I stumbled upon a pair of Heelys for 22.75! SOLD!

Here I am four days later with no more coordination than that of asian baby, or any baby for that matter, and unwrapping a size 8 concussion. Here’s to short lines at the ER, wish me luck!

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  1. This makes my heart happy... and made me even happier when I saw you almost eat shit on them!