Thursday, March 25, 2010

Law and Order

No-Longer-Easy-E found a purple piece of confetti shaped like a man's genitals on the floor of her room last night.

The question....where did it come from?!?

Was it tracked in or was it left by a visitor?

Who has the motive?!?

Suspects that can be placed at the scene include:

No-Longer-Easy E's Shoe: Lacks a brain to have a motive, but also has no control over whether things stick to it or not.
Lumberjack: Her name is Lumberjack, she might be scared to even touch something shaped like the male genitalia.
Tree-Hugging-Sister-of-Lumberjack: Not to be ruled out, opposite of sister, love for trees and everything 'wood'.
Too-Old-For-A-Lip-Ring: Too much interest in the Tree Hugger to plan the placement of the item in question.
The Bearded One: Sense of humor which rivals a 6 year old, not to be ruled out.
MILF Magnet: Is roommate and bff to The Bearded One, likely accomplice.
SLBDJT: Usually is rendered unconscious by around 10pm, could use comma like state as an alibi.
Katrainwreck: Due to hormone levels during pregnancy she has recently had a general lack of interest in male genitalia. Solid alibi.
My BMF: Much like the Bearded One, his sense of humor puts him in question, yet his lack of motor skills while near No-Longer-Easy-E's room provides question.
Kissy Faced Booty Shaker: Had access to area, but lacked motor skills much like My BMF.
Momma: Enjoys shiny things including confetti, inappropriate jokes and items shaped like the item in question. Also had access to the area while no one was around.

The case has yet to be solved but the top suspects include: Momma, The Bearded One, Tree-Hugging-Sister-of-Lumberjack, and No-Longer-Easy-E's Shoe.

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  1. I don't know who half those people are, which means I need to come back ASAP