Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Buy me a green beer and maybe you'll get to see my blarney stones...

St. Patty's Day holds a special place in my heart, not only because it is a holiday that is celebrated by dressing in a color that makes my eyes 'pop', getting kissed, and drinking green beers but also because it marks the anniversary of yours truly becoming a Floridian. It was four years ago today that my white behind moved south and never looked back. In honor of the wonderful mood this day puts me in, I would like to talk a little bit about love.

I never had a hard time saying I love you. I like the yucky love stuff, which is odd because I tend to surround myself with people who don’t so much enjoy it. Nonetheless, I’m a lover not a fighter, and not just because most 6 year olds could kick my ass (yeah, I can only do 14 pushups in one minute). Truth be told, I don’t love easily, but when I do get to the point where a relationship has evolved and is filled with trust, communication, and the happiness that love brings, I feel like it’s important to tell a person you love them every chance you get. That being said…

Beer, I adore you. I want to write you poems and send flowers to your office. I want to stand outside your window, hold my stereo above my head and blast love songs all night. I want to throw pebbles at your window when you’re grounded, and stick love notes in your locker. In a word the feelings that I have for you could be summed up simply by ‘love’. Just thought you should know.

Happy St. Patty’s Day everyone, and Happy Florida Anniversary to No-Longer-Easy-E.


  1. I like St. Patty's Day because I look good wearing my 2nd favorite color, it is socially acceptable to celebrate it for days in advance, leprechauns have smaller hands than me, and for some reason, no one cares what type of beer they are drinking, as long as it's green. Happy Florida-versary :)

  2. I want it to be my Florida-versary