Thursday, March 4, 2010

The art of keeping up with yesterday

I’ve always been a believer that there is nothing like the last minute to get things done, to let panic take over for inspiration, if you will. Well in this fashion I have waited until the last month to obtain the around 30 continuing education hours I need to maintain a certification that I hold. Luckily there are a wealth of classes online that, while boring, will make it possible to complete this task and ultimately reward and encourage my procrastination. Really, I’ll never learn a lesson if I can continue to get by.

While taking the aforementioned interweb classes this week I saw a slide that just made me laugh out loud and I thought I would share. From a course on epidemiology:

Below is a list of actual chief complaints collected from participating hospital systems:

-Stuck bead in nose
-Fish hook in ear
-Fell and laid in yard for a couple hours
-Fell onto cactus
-Squirrel bite
-Right foot pain, dropped turkey (2 days before Thanksgiving)
-Run over by golf cart
-Odd behavior after eating fresh peaches
-Blue plate special
-Talking to dead people

I’m not so sure what exactly I was supposed to learn from that, perhaps that it is quite difficult to determine whether there is an epidemic or outbreak of a certain disease when this is what is actually reported by people. However, I can confidently say what I did learn is that people are hilarious and god made a lot of them aesthetically intelligent.

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