Thursday, March 18, 2010

A's Yearbook

In an effort to help you get to know the wonderful individuals that are daily players in my life and in this blog, I thought I would introduce you to them ‘yearbook’ style.

Best Butt:

I met My BFF during my (1st) senior year of college. My BFF and The Gray Lining had speech class together and as it turned out My BFF and I also had Nutrition together. Now, even though we did have a class together we had never seen each other there due to my unique ability to fall asleep in a tiny lecture hall seat while still holding my pencil up as if I were taking notes---a pair of sunglasses and I would have had some real Weekend at Bernies convincing shit there.
With most people it’s hard to define or nail down the moment when you became friends, harder to determine when you became best friends and probably harder still to put a moment on when you became family. With My BFF I know exactly when we became friends, or at least exactly when I knew we were meant to be friends. We went to go see a movie and in the preview someone said “Delaware”, out of nowhere My BFF quoted Wayne’s World “Delaware, we’re in Delaware”. Seems simple and almost idiotic but as The Grey Lining and I drove home that night we were both like…She’s perfectly weird, this friendship will certainly blossom. I can’t pin point when she became my best friend or when I stopped seeing her as a friend and just simply as family. Maybe there wasn’t a moment but a series of them; good times and shitty times that we somehow made it through and she became like luggage (you buy a set and you’re done, no one throws out luggage).

My BFF, though completely adorable and somehow managing to become cuter with age, alleges that she is in possession of a butt. No one has seen this mythical booty, and I think a call to Myth Busters may be in order. To be honest, I’m not sure how her pants actually stay up, for she is made of a back which turns into a seriously long set of sticks. However, I’ll hold off on the call to the myth buster guys and let her delusion live on, after all she is family. For the booty that you claim to have My BFF, I award you Best Butt. Congrats.


  1. I like molly's butt and I can not lie
    You other brothers can't deny That when a molly walks in with an itty bitty waist And a round thing in your face...

  2. you get sprung...i just can't help it :) Thanks for the intro buddy!