Thursday, October 1, 2009

Momma and the misuse of quotations marks

An accomplished dancer, teacher, smartass, and jaguar (a.k.a.old ass cougar) who is known for her “eccentric” attire, joy for life (as well as cocktails and parties), and saying exactly---and I do mean exactly--- what is on her mind. She is a recently retired 5th grade teacher (after 30 years), a sleepwalker, and many a gay has described her quite simply as “fabulous”.

Quotation Marks:
The primary function of quotation marks is to set off and represent exact language (either spoken or written) that has come from somebody else.

Momma and Quotation Marks:
As a 5th grade teacher, one who spend 30 years molding the minds of our youth during a significantly important developmental stage in their life, you would think she would have a good grasp of the proper use of quotation marks. Nay.

The following is an excerpt from a card I received from Momma.

In this card she thanks me for being a wonderful “big sister” to The Gray Lining. She then later tells me I am a amazing daughter and that she is “proud” of me.

Had this note been written to a friend of The Gray Lining’s who was older but they were very close saying “big sister” would have been a proper use of quotation marks, however….I am in fact The Gray Lining’s older sister. So can I assume that she is actually proud of me and not “proud” of me?

In the end, momma defended her improper use of “” by saying they give a sentence flair.

“Nice” save Momma.


  1. This direct quote is from momma, telling Pattycakes and I that our relationship might not be made up of two people... perhaps one person, three people or several people?

    The website is mar-ve-lous ! You "two" are darling together. We are so happy for you and love you both very much !!!