Monday, October 5, 2009

What life should be like in your 20’s

Today at work my boss asked me to write a letter of recommendation for a kid who was looking to start work in our field. I was given the information that he had known him for 20 years and he always helped neighbors with yard work and stuff. So, with that strong amount background information I managed to throw something together. After reading my letter of rec. our secretary told me I should really write a book, as my way with words is very good. So I asked her what I should write a book about and she said “Your life, like peeing next to someone in the ocean and poo dollar, that kind of stuff…..”. After laughing about how she considers these things to be “my life”, I asked what I should call this would-be piece of literary genius and she said “What life should be like in your 20’s”. Perhaps a better title would be I can’t believe I haven’t been in jail or died yet, or A guide to never growing up. Alas, I don’t see Random House beating down my door with offers just yet.

And I really only peed standing next to a stranger in the ocean once and well Poo dollar is just plain funny. Youtube it, and see if you don’t just try it at home.

Patiently awaiting book deals,


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