Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Do you know how I know I’m young?!?

The other day I was reminded that I am (ugh) almost 30. That’s right, peterpan is getting older. This reminder led to a series of “Do you know how I know your old?” and “Do you know how I know I’m young?” statements. I, being peterpan, obviously was spitting out the latter of the two. A sampling….

Do you know how I know I’m young?!?
Because given the chance, I arrange magnets to spell things like poop.

Because I have young people’s hair.

Because I don’t clean my room.

Because my body can handle a case of beer with impunity.

Because momma says I listen to music too loud.

Because I stay up late.

Because my favorite foods are pizza and macdonalds.

Because I still get carded to buy beers.

Because I don’t own mom jeans like No-longer-Easy-E and KFBS (burn!).

Because when I text I say stuff like omg.

Because I wear flip flops everyday.

Because I’m easily distracted by toys and/or shiney things.

Because I giggle when someone says “duty”.

Because I have a thumb ring.


  1. There is nothing wrong with going to bed at a reasonable hour.

  2. KFBS?

    By your standards I've very old.

  3. kissy face booty shaker (KFBS) and yes they do, they both wore them to pumpkin picking on saturday :)

  4. can we have more of a's yearbook please? i'm very curious to see what everyone else won