Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A's Yearbook

In an effort to help you get to know the wonderful individuals that are daily players in my life and in this blog, I'm introducing them to you ‘yearbook’ style. Hope you enjoy!

Best Dressed:


I met No-Longer-Easy-E in grad school at IU and eventually moved down to FMB with her. In school No-Longer-Easy-E was always the first to be up for a party or a trip to the bar so naturally her and I made fast friends.

While the average 7 year old is a fan of the wet-willy, No-Longer-Easy-E prefers the dry-willy. She finds it to be less gross and ultimately a lot creepier. I do not think I attended a graduate-level course where No-Longer-Easy-E’s finger did not find its way into my ear canal at least once a week. As a side note: she is correct, it is less gross and absolutely creepier. I have had fleeting thoughts that my success in grad school may be directly attributed to my professors believing I had torettees syndrome (due to me violently shaking and jerking away from No-Longer-Easy-E every time she dry-willyed me) and feeling sorry for me.

Above: No-Longer-Easy-E caught in the act...
classic dual dry-willy
No-Longer-Easy-E and I have been roomies for three and half years, she has broken our hammock (ask her about it, it’s a great story!), been a wonderful step mom to Tux, and is no stranger to fashion. She is best known for owning several tiny vests and summer scarves. For that, No-Longer-Easy-E I award you “Best Dressed”. Congrats!


  1. why did you put quotation marks around who's tammy?

  2. I was directly quoting my sister. When we pulled up to the rest stop and mary woke up to us saying "don't forget tammy" and she said "who's tammy?"--completely confused :)