Thursday, October 15, 2009

Walking Disaster

I would like to say that I’m not accident prone, and it’s just that inanimate objects have it out for me. However, all evidence is pointing to the former. In the past two days I have managed to fall down once and turn my ring finger a pretty shade of purple (this was two separate incidents mind you).

Two days ago, in pure Lazy A fashion instead of pulling out my office chair to sit down in it, I decided to do some type of bendy-ninja-matrix-type move so I wouldn’t have to expend the immense amount of energy it takes to move a rolling chair. Laziness, and a general lack of coordination resulted in a slow motion fall where I proceeded to land with all of my weight on my right elbow. My entire arm went completely numb which led me immediately to the thought that my arm was broken. As I sat there writhing in pain waiting for blood to start spurting out, I figured out that the numbness was probably due to the whole “funny bone” thing -Not funny by the way. Thankfully there was only one person in the office when this went down and he didn’t even notice. I say thankfully for obvious reasons but in the end, I’m a bit disturbed that I could have cracked my noggin instead of my elbow, rendered myself unconscious and my office mate’s old ass would have been none the wiser until he got up to get another cup of coffee. Consequently I think he’s due for a hearing aid check.

I guess this little incident isn’t that surprising considering I am the same girl who sprained her ankle stepping off of third base after getting called out. That’s correct, I sprained my ankle not actually doing something athletic, but simply walking.

Has anyone seen my helmet?

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