Monday, October 12, 2009

Does anyone have a lozenge?

Growing up I was never a victim of outdoor allergies, however after moving south I discovered I am actually allergic to a few things. One for instance is Melaleuca trees, or what everyone refers to as paper trees- not because they are used to make paper but because they look like they are made of paper. They bloom twice a year and anyone who isn’t a Florida cracker or who has asthma gets a serious cases of the runny noses and sneezy’s.

A second allergy is to children, or maybe it’s just daycares. I can’t really explain it but the moment I walk into a daycare (which I tend to do a lot this time of year), my throat cinches up and gets all scratchy. After about two hours I walk out of random daycare and ten minutes later my throat is fine. Maybe it’s my brain telling my throat to close so I can’t inhale plu (pig flu) germs, maybe it’s just my bodies physical reaction to how my brain feels about children, or maybe I should consider carrying an epi pen.

Have there ever been any documented cases of allergies to children?!? I mean, there are some weird-ass allergies out there…mobile phone allergy (that is actually real, it’s called Mobile Phone Mast Electromagnetism), alcohol allergy (I feel so sorry for those SOBs, consequently we thought Intern was actually one for about a month), exercise allergy (I do not feel sorry for these people), and some people are even allergic to kisses!


  1. no, but you could be allergic to a cleanser or any cleaning product they use or you could be allergic to loud obnoxious noises... oh wait, i forgot who i was talking to

  2. wouldn't my throat swell whenever i talked to you then?!? BURN!

  3. I'd quite possibly end my life is was allergic to kisses instead of addicted to them.

    keep on keepin' on...