Monday, September 28, 2009

Spencer Pratt vs God

There are times in my life that I wish I had a tape recorder constantly running so I could remember the ridiculous shit that comes out of the mouths of both myself and those I hold most dear (Consequently there are times I’m sooooooooo very happy that this isn’t the case). Well, this weekend I didn’t have a tape recorder running but I did have a half a bottle of sailor jerry and several bud light limes coursing through my veins and one friend who was quick to text herself a “gem” that came out of my mouth.

Now, I’ve been known to say some pretty far-fetched things after the consumption of the aforementioned amounts of deliciousness but this one I will stand by and I will ask you, the readers of this dandy blog, to confirm my thoughts--- which I’m confident you will.

The statement was as follows (or at least as follows by the person typing it--who had herself consumed the other half of the bottle and several beers)…

“So many more people know who Spencer Pratt is than God.” – Inebriated A (likely said with a slur and a country accent)

This direct quote was included in a conversation which consisted of me claiming that people knew more about the life of Spencer Pratt than they do about God, and that people spend more time reading perez or people than they do reading the bible. I sadly admitted this was a truth in my life and I’m here to put you to the test. Below you will find two popular bible verses and two questions about the life of Spencer Pratt. I would like to see who can answer the most questions- without google or use of the interweb of any kind. In reference to the verses- you don’t have to be spot on but a general idea of what that bible verse says would be great. Ready, set, GO! Prove me right, and the kissy-face-booty-shaker wrong.


John 3:16

Philippians 4:13

Spencer Pratt:

How many weddings have Spedi (Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag) had?

Why is Spencer Pratt no longer friends with Brody Jenner?

I’m rooting for ya big guy but I think douche-beard is gonna take this one.


  1. I am still highly saddened by this and am hoping that G-O-D pulls out the landslide instead of Douche McDoucherson.

  2. although i hate everything about douche-beard (and heidi and the rest of the hills/laguna beach monstrosity), i know more about him than God or any part of the Bible.
    they got married in Mexico, then officially in California. then they went on that horrible reality show together.
    the 'bros' stopped being bros when brody started dating lc, and spencer felt like he lost a bro.
    what can i say? i love us weekly.