Friday, September 25, 2009

Things that are Awesome

The Loud n Clear Personal Sound Amplifier

You can discreetly listen to other peoples conversation and it looks just like a cell phone bluetooth! AWESOME!

It has been alleged that this was to be my birthday present from Sweet Little Baby Doll JT so we could sit across the bar from each other, listen to other peoples conversations, and then talk to each other about other peoples conversations “discreetly”. I will happily accept this gift this holiday season because I really do want to be able to hear a pin drop all the way across the room.

My Hair

It makes me taller and its wind tunnel resistant.

But not in the morning.

Or when its really humid.
Grey’s Anatomy

Yeah, I know I’m about 5 years late on this boat but this show is awesome. Its my new crack, I can’t get enough. I’ve lost sleep, social interaction, and many hours of daylight trying to play catch up. In a word: Love
Cotton Candy

Its fluffy sugar.
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