Friday, September 18, 2009

The world is your oyster…..

Being that this is my first post on a blog that is sure to become a NY Times best seller and eventually a major motion picture I didn’t want to disappoint so I looked to someone with wisdom beyond her years…The Gray Lining. She offered this advice…"The world is your oyster; the world is your Frada bag." After immediately becoming concerned about who I turn to for advice, I realized this advice is just about all I had so I’ll go with it.

First off, lets define "Frado"- Faux Prada; What Momma and No-Longer-Easy-E’s dad refer to as something they’ve purchased on the (shhhh!) black market. So essentially The Gray Lining and No-Longer-Easy-E own what their respective parent’s believe to be "black market" Prada bags. Now, I’ve never smelled a real Prada bag, namely because I’m too poor to have ever held one, and also probably because I don’t typically smell purses, but I’m guessing for that type of money they might smell like cotton candy, or at least like leather. Frada however, in the true spirit of "you get what you pay for" apparently smells like a dirty V. So in essence, the advice I received from The Gray Lining is "The world is a dirty V". What that means I do not know, but if I had to interpret and ultimately recover some sort of substance for this post I would go with this--

The world is tricky, but there is probably a solution to every problem. Maybe you just need to organize-clean things up, maybe you need to only invite the right people in, or maybe you need to turn to someone wiser for some advice sometimes.

Welcome to the world of a country girl who lives in a beachy house, I hope it doesn’t stink.


  1. Yah for blogs :) :) As your first comment, I kindly request you to change 1) the background colour or 2) the font colour before I go blind. Spanks.

  2. um you have to post more often for readers to be faithful