Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sunshine despite the rain

Ahhhh, back to within 153 miles of the southernmost point in the continental US, and it is glorious.

The weekend in Cold-lanta was in a word, full. However, when recanting my activities to those who have inquired about my weekend I stumbled a bit explaining why it was so full. I don’t know if my weekends are just normally so overcome by sitting on the couch that this weekend felt abnormally busy or if I am just forgetting things. There was definitely a trip to a microbrewery where we tasted some delicious beers and observed the mass number of white people in one of their natural environments (quite a bit of north face, and new balance up in that place!), ate some fantastic food, went bowling, did some shopping, picked out wedding invites for the My BFF & The Future Mrs. My BFF/Rogue Hand nuptials, and definitely sat in at least 3 Starbucks for upwards of one hour each time.

All in all it was a completely relaxing hectic weekend---oxymoron, yes. Truth be told I haven’t been that ‘busy’ on a weekend in what seems like a while but as my little body moved my mind actually got to slow down a bit, as it tends to do when I’m with those I hold close to my heart. It’s amazing the peace being around your bests can bring, and how easy it is to lose yourself, worries, and headaches in laughter. So, thanks to My BFF, The Gray Lining, and The Future Mrs. My BFF/Rogue Hand for a wonderful weekend.

And a very special thank you to The Gray Lining for waiting in line for three hours to get an autographed copy of Kathy Griffin’s book for me for Christmas. I don’t know what makes my heart happier, having it in my possession or knowing that you waited there bored out of your mind just to make me happy. I’ll count both as this year’s Christmas present.

The Gray Lining and Kathy Griffin. Hilarious!

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