Thursday, January 14, 2010

A's Yearbook

I'm off to cold-lanta tomorrow to visit with My BFF, The Future Mrs. My BFF/Rogue-Hand, and The Gray Lining so I thought I would leave you with a post that is sure to provide days of entertainment until I return from the long MLK holiday weekend. Until Tuesday, happy MLK day and enjoy this post about one of my most favorite people in the world. P.S. My Momma is cooler than your Momma %-)

In an effort to help you get to know the wonderful individuals that are daily players in my life and in this blog, I thought I would introduce you to them ‘yearbook’ style.

Most Hours Slept in Class:

After retiring from life as an elementary school teacher she contemplated firefighting but decided that would interrupt her intense napping and cocktail schedule.

Momma, as her name suggests, is my mom. I am what I am, good and bad, largely thanks to her (complaints can be sent directly to Momma). She is a regular visitor to FMB and has recently informed me that she will be staying an additional 2 weeks each time she visits. Her last visit lasted one and a half months, so this trip will be two months. By my calculations (you may want to check with Ten Key Ninja or Patty-Cakes for accuracy on this) she will be living here full time in about 4 and half years. Hopefully full incontinence or insanity won’t be an issue for about 15 years.

Momma and The Kissy Faced Booty Shaker....Momma might actually be asleep here...its hard to tell.
You’ve already had a small intro to momma so I’ll keep this brief. This woman is sassy, classy, and still kickin' assy after 61 years. Momma is known not only for her wildly outrageous clothing and foul mouth but also for the ability to sleep walk, talk, drink and smoke. That’s correct, I said sleep smoke. For that, Momma I award you “Most Hours Slept in Class”. Congrats!


  1. you should've posted that video of her asleep in the lawn chair in the garage

  2. she made me promise i wouldn't put it on youtube :)