Friday, January 29, 2010

Practicing being homeless

So I visited walmart today, like I do most days and as I was leaving I saw the same homeless man that is there every time I go to walmart at his usual spot under a palm tree at the light to pull out of the parking lot.

Let me take a step back...I give homeless people money. Yes I know they usually use it to buy booze but I'm ok with that. My BMF calls camping 'practicing being homeless', and every time I go camping I drink, because its hard to sleep outside without a buzz. So I feel for the homeless, and feel like if they want to catch a buzz so the pavement or that park bench is a little more comfortable to rest their head on I'm all for it.

Back to today. As I was pulling out I looked for some spare change or dollar bills to give to the Walmart Homeless Guy (please note his cardboard sign says "living on a prayer", which is fantastically clever), much to his dismay I had about 46 cents. So I gave him a little whistle and said "Hey, I don't have any cash but do you want a beer". I had just purchased gum, flipz, and a six pack of blue moon. He replied with a "Sure". So I reached over and pulled a beer out of the six pack and proceeded to hand it to him. At this point he looked at the beer and said "Oh, I don't really like Blue Moon". I said with what I'm sure was a shocked look, "Well, do you want a pack of gum?". He did take that. Nothing like fresh breath to beg for money at the next car.


  1. As you may or may not... I also give money to the homeless. This homeless man is my new hero. No need to drink beer you don't like... even if you are homeless

  2. this is the greatest thing i have ever read

  3. apparently beggars can be choosers