Friday, January 8, 2010

I need a good book

I have this issue wherein my brain moves very quickly from subject to subject (or worry to worry usually) causing stress. I call this “Busy Brain”. The stress caused by busy brain leads to adult onset acne and insomnia. The aforementioned items contribute to the annoyance of co-workers (because I am bitchy from lack of sleep), unhealthy eating habits (due to lunch time naps) and lack of ass-getting (acne). Those aforementioned items lead to more stress and the circle continues.

I have found two cures for busy brain. One is television, but for some reason there seems to be nothing on that I actually like. I am already up with the Kardashians, I have no more interest in what the girls are doing next door and there won’t be another House or SVU marathon on until Sunday. The other cure is reading. Usually I stick to memoirs (I know that makes me sound pretentious, so I will follow with the fact that my favorite all time book is Jimmy Buffetts autobiography), as novels usually don’t keep my interest long enough to actually finish them.

Last time I got the busy brain and lacked recommendations for a good read the skys opened up and God said “Let there be Twilight”, and it was so. I embarrassingly enough buried my nose in that young adult fiction and didn’t return to the world for an entire day. It was amazing and honestly why I depend on books to aid my escape from busy brain.

So, being that I have in fact read the entire Twilight series, that right I said it. I’m looking for anything as intriguing in the fiction realm or if you have a good memoir you might recommend let me know. Lots of thoughts bouncing around currently and busy brain is at a very active state, and quite frankly the money maker does not look too good with the adult onset acne.


  1. By title alone I would recommend: "House of Happy Endings: A Memoir".... then I read the description... it does not sound good..... Amazon it.
    I also googled "memoirs involving cats" nothing good came up.... I shall write one. You can wait for it to come to bookstore near you.
    Happy ending... I mean reading, Grey lining

  2. If you can find something to occupy that busy brain til March 9,2010, then I have a suggestion - I'm hoping it's more like her first book and even more hilarious

  3. That is a phenomenal title, however not at all surprising that the title was not indicative of the actual book content…only The Happy Hooker delivered exactly what it implied it would. Anywho, I’ll await one of the many books you allege that you are writing there Grey Lining, but I won’t hold my breath.

    Yes! Chelsea Handlers new book, March can’t come soon enough.