Friday, August 5, 2011

Gay? or Foreign?

There are a few constants in this little thing that I call life...the world looks better through sunglasses, beer tastes better on Friday, whether I'm taking the path well traveled or less traveled I'd rather do it in flip flops, and humans are an intriguing species. Seriously, do you ever just listen to what is going on in the world around you. It's hilarious.

SLBDJT and I made a last minute trip down to Key West this past weekend and while I would normally send you reeling with jealousy, fill your faces with smiles, and make your bellies jiggle with laughter due to my shenanigans I think I'll spend my time talking a little more about the sights and sounds I took in while I sat in my shades drinking an ice cold beer on a sweltering day, or walking down Duval in my favorite pair of rainbows. Because people are, well, hilarious.

Somewhere between snorkeling and my nap (i.e. passout) on Saturday we were walking down Duval when a guy passed us, said "Tall people" and proceeded to high five the tall guy walking behind us. It was so nonchalant, "tall people", like a person saying "excuse me", "thank you", or "I like your mustache". Pretty sure I'm going to start saying "short people" and throwing up a high, or low as it were, five as I pass others who also can't utilize the top shelf of their kitchen cabinets.

Moving on....

Ever heard of a game called "Gay? or Foreign?"? No? Didn't think so, because I'm pretty sure we made it up. On Sat morning while discussing the potential for sexytime, as we have been known to do from time to time, SLBDJT informed me that the neighboring room in our sweet little B and B was housing a gay guy and his fag hag. Being that KW is a gay mecca, I thought nothing of it aside from a inner glow of happiness for my friend that there was an available girl situated very close to our room in a town where people are known for getting smashed and making bad decisions. I mean, Key West is like Vegas, but with brunch. Anyway, I ran into the "gay" guy next door later in the hallway. Turns out, not so much gay, just foreign. Probably not so much his fag hag as his girlfriend. This little incident spurred the game, "Gay? or Foreign?" which SLBDJT is apparently terrible at. I get it, sometimes its hard to tell. Especially with the French, its not their fault, that language could make the late Macho Man Randy Savage sound fruity. Picture it...."Oh oui. Encliquetage dans un Slim Jim". You might you would be wrong.

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