Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DIY Cat Bed

For Flav's big birthday (1!) I knew exactly what he wanted...he's been hinting around quite a bit. See, Flav's entire day consists of 3 activites: fixing his hair (he is my cat), snuggling, and sleeping. I bought him a kitty bed after his trip to the 'spa' and he sleeps the shit out of that thing. Problem is, it's heinous. So, it lives in the corner of the room where it is cat accessible yet out of sight. Also, it's not really Flav sized so he kinda sleeps half in the bed and half out of the bed. I'm not a mathematician, but I think that adds up to the perfect idea for a birthday present. So, I've been on the lookout for a new bed that is a. flav sized and b. as cute as my kitty. With the birthday less than a week away I've had no luck so I decided to DIY.

I know he's already seen and tried out his present but I think due to the tiny cat brain it'll still be a surprise.

How about a DIY how to? Check it---I picked up two Euro style pillows at Bed, Bath and Beyond along with two pillow covers with zippers.

To go along with the pillows I made for my bedroom. Plans for those are here.

I printed out on regular printer paper both cat's names with a small pair of cat eyed glasses above them. I cut the design out on freezer paper and ironed it onto the pillow covers.

Painted the design in with black fabric paint.

After a trial run by Flav himself I figured out the pillows as they came were a little too fluffy and not exactly cat friendly, and really needed to dip in the middle so I used some buttons I had been collecting for no apparent reason to make 'cat pocket'. I sewed four buttons on each side of the pillow to pull the middle down.

And finally the finished product...a bed for each of my lovies.


  1. I've suddenly become a DIY-er in the last week. It's kind of fun, but I can say I did not make a dog bed (yet). Does Flav use both?

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