Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hot'Lanta....Not Just an Allman Brothers Song....

Off to the ATL to visit with My BFF and Mrs. My BFF tomorrow and not surprisingly a good portion of my trip revolves around local fare. I don' t know what it is but it seems no matter where I go I have a food place I want...nay...need to eat at when I find myself there again. In Indiana it's the best Mexican food to ever grace my lips, key west heaven is blue in the am hours, in Costa Rica I will always hit up the grocery store taco shop, and in Atlanta I like to get my fill of BBQ and sweet potato pie...and if there's time maybe I grab some tots.

Anywho, because I make lists in my to-do :) Fat Matt's BBQ, talk about doing something active, drink the best beer ever brewed, some new BBQ place I need to try, not come remotely close to do anything active, make the same joke for the millionth time, move and/or shake, laugh hysterically at a joke I've heard a million times, talk about going out, drink mas of the best beer every brewed that I can't buy in SWFL, stay in and lose myself in conversation with my bestest. Repeat :)

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