Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The path to a heatwave

1. Put on super sexy bike shorts.
2. Jump on GT and ride for around 3 blocks.
3. Realize that its so hot outside both you and the tires on your GT are melting.
4. Turn around.
5. Check yourself out in the mirror in your super sexy bike shorts.
6. Scoff at those who say you have no booty.
7. Realize its not your booty you see but instead the padding in the super sexy bike shorts.
8. Log onto
9. Buy spinning bike you've been eyeballing.
10. Wait 7-10 business days.
11. Take spinning bike parts out of the box.
12. Forget about putting the spinning bike together because its the freaking weekend baby and you about to have you some fun.
13. Put together spinning bike despite your hangover.
14. Put on super sexy bike shorts.
15. Ride spinning bike for 45 minutes.
16. Walk around the next day like someone bent you over a barrel and showed you the 50 states because you're not used to sitting on a bike seat.
17. Consider ordering one of these:

18. Play through the pain.
19. Bask as others marvel at your high level of fitness or your super sexy bike's hard to tell.

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