Thursday, July 14, 2011

Can I get an H!

So....I've been in a bit of a dry slump lately. Oh, what a difference a couple of letters in that sentence could make, if I had been in a bit of a dry hump instead of a slump I'd be relatively happy and not frustrated in the least, of course an sl instead of an h means some words for you to read right here on this fine soapbox I call my blog. Silver lining :)

As of late my life has been more like the Rebecca Black song about Friday as opposed to the Katy Perry song about Friday. Its been more of a "gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal, tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes after....wards". I mean I still don't want the weekend to end but it's no "Is this a hickie or a bruise, streaking in the park, skinny dipping in the dark whoa-oh-oah" kind of Friday night.

I'm not going to specify how long this dry slump has been, cause I'm classy. But since the beginning of the slump there has been no more than a little kissin', and I don't even know if I should count it. Like, if this person was a Christmas ornament, you would hang em on the back of the tree. Not the best looking, not something you want to display to your friends, but still made the cut...after a few glasses of nog. Maybe you put this particular ornament on the bottom of the tree in the back, near the electrical outlets, just in case there is a fire it would be the first to go. I guess I'm sayin, no one would miss it.

I can't complain too much, as I found out last night one of my friends hasn't started her ump with an H since 2010...that's a completely different year than we are currently in! Well, I'm out there looking for love, perhaps though in all the wrong places. Seeing as the last person I went on a 'date' with asked me I was super healthy because I ordered a green tea frappuccino, apparently if a beverage is green like a vegetable it must taste yucky and have lots of gross healthy vitamins in it. Is the logic lost on you? Yeah, me too. I also used the word sedentary, which in hindsight I realize is a 'big' word but a little advice, if you are on a date with someone and they use a word you don't understand you have a couple options: 1. decipher its meaning by the context in which it was used 2. react how they react (if they laugh then you laugh, etc) then look it up when you get home 3. ask them what it means. Two of those options are acceptable, one is not. If you can't figure out which one is not, then I'm super happy I've never been on a date with you.

Oh, as a side note I have a new favorite time waster...pinterest is out (not really, its still bad ace) and My Drunk Kitchen is in. Be still my hannah Hart (winky face emoticon). It's wonderful and fantastic and you will love it, promise.

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