Thursday, July 14, 2011

Boom Boom Boom, Let me hear you say....

A wonderful convo, based on this masterpiece:

me: i made a breakfast scramble i have no recollection of cooking and eating on sat night. no injuries sustained, boom boom boom

Ten Key Ninja: now let me here you say "whey - ho" wtf is up with that girl! she butchered my favorite jock jams song!

me: she owned that song, and don't you say otherwise. that was bad ace. i will be stealing her dance moves. whey-ooooo

Ten Key Ninja: haha, they're pretty sweet moves. i especially like her ad-libbing, i.e. "sing along with me" and her putting her hand to her ear, as if she would actually be able to hear you "singing" along

me: yeah, its good stuff

Ten Key Ninja: why did she have to read the screen? she was just saying the same thing over and over...she didn't even rap the hard part, which would have been even more amusing on top of the wheyying and the ohhing

me: to keep the beat. i assume her whiteness disabled her to do this on her own

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