Monday, December 7, 2009

I’m a Gleek, what of it

This wed is the fall finale of Glee. I cannot begin to tell you how much this hurts my heart. Have you seen the show?!?

Truth be told in high school I would have probably been one of the kids who threw slushies in the faces of the glee club members but today, being a person with a much softer heart, and some maturity I am absolutely in love. This show is hilarious, has a plot line that pulls you in and makes you actually invested in the characters and it includes broadway music sung by actual broadway actors! Deep down I know I am half gay man and half 6 year old (the gay man in me is responsible for my deep felt appreciation of musicals, particular nature, and perfectly sculpted hair; the 6 year old picks out my clothes, is responsible for my inability to not laugh when someone says duty, and eating habits).

Alright, if you haven’t seen the show check out this promo --- And if you have seen it this is an amazing song from an absolutely amazing show (Wicked) I finally got to see this past year.

This post would not be complete unless I mention the actor who plays the teacher/glee club leader, Will Schuester. I think it was said best in the movie Knocked Up --

Allison- "I love your curly hair! It's great, do you use product or anything?"
Ben- "No...I use, uh, jew it's called"

The only thing I can attribute to my love for Will Shuester is his hair as I happen to know that the women in my family take a particular liking to anyone who uses that particular brand of product...we love us some jewish-fro's.

I don’t know what else to say…Glee I will miss you until we meet again in the spring. Until then I will rock out to your soundtrack in my car…I may be no Rachel Berry but I would still deserve a gold star next to my name after singing Don’t Stop Believing.

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