Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Take 30 Boozey Bears and call me in the morning

Caught under the mistletoe!

This weekend started off unlike any other, meaning that it did not start with a cocktail in the shower. My Friday was consumed by helping the Kissy Faced Booty Shaker pack for her move which turned out to be not all that bad considering I did acquire 2 pieces of furniture (which I did not have to pick out of someone’s trash, score!), and making “drunk gummies”. “Drunk Gummies” or “Boozey Bears” as I like to call them are basically vodka soaked gummy bears. The recipe goes that you take a jar of gummy bears, fill it with vodka just below the top of the gummy bears and leave them overnight to sit and soak up the goodness. I was told this is an alternative to the jello shot and perfect for your lazy party thrower. Being that I am in fact a lazy party thrower I forewent the jello shots and made up a batch of “Boozey Bears” for our Ugly Christmas Sweater and Pajama Party Saturday night. After that it was a night cap or two and off to sleepy town I went.

Saturday morning I was up and at 'em to pick up My BFF from the airport for her weekend escape from cold Hotlanta weather. We spent most of the day being lazy, opening Christmas presents….molly did come away with a sweet IU slanket...

and of course preparing for the Ugly Christmas Sweater and Pajama Party. Friends came, drinks were had, games were played and a lot of Boozey Bears were consumed.


That's Holiday Spirit

My BFF, I adore her

No-Longer-Easy-E and The Future Mrs. My BMF

One thing was learned about Boozey Bears, they stick together and you’re going to eat 10 if you try to pick up just one, so unless you like blacking out I might stick with jello shots. But if you do like blacking out, give Boozey Bears a try, they were everything that I was promised before making them. That being said, if I ever make Boozey Bears again it might be a good idea if I wrote a know, just in case

Boozey Bears!

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