Wednesday, December 23, 2009

All I want for Christmas is...

  • my cat to start covering up her dookies in the litter box
  • my arms/hands to be injured and after they heal to suddenly be an amazing guitar player...rookie of the year style. That would be absolutely funky butt lovin (that's for you Ten-Key Ninja)
  • an IU slanket
  • a personal chef
  • a Flowbee (for the Wayne's world fans a Suck Kut)
  • to win the lottery, i'd settle for a scratch off winner
  • black bamboo sheets, queen size
  • extreme lipo dissolve
  • snuggle coupons
  • No-Longer-Easy E's balls in my mouth (cake balls you dirty minded people)
  • a Roomba
  • an IU football jersey
  • a winning softball season for "I'd Hit That"
  • the deed to a beach house
  • a Buckingham Blues Bar t-shirt
  • for my best to acquire Michael Buble's best swimmers
  • cards from my favorites far away from where I am
  • board games, board games, and maybe a couple more board games
  • a pair of Heelys, and a gift certificate for my ER deductible following their first use
  • a merry day for those I love most and a merry day for me surrounded by those I adore

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good stiff cocktail come family time ;) Merry Christmas Eve Eve and Happy Holidays!