Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm very busy and important

First off my apologies for slacking here in blog word, but in true A fashion I have prepared a list of excuses to buy me time until I can actually get a post up.

  1. I was drinking.
  2. My BFF was in town.
  3. Someone re-arranged all the keys on my keyboard.
  4. I’ve been in Christmas shopping mode.
  5. I was out of milk.
  6. I tried to ship myself home for Christmas and I got lost in the mail.
  7. I was drunk.
  8. I was in nevernever land.
  9. I was tanning my translucent skin.
  10. Facebook consumes my life.
  11. I was hungover.
  12. Laundry.
  13. I was shopping for an ugly Christmas vest.
  14. I was doing a photoshoot with my cat.
  15. I was moving furniture.
  16. I was learning sign language. By the way, the sign for “honk honk” is not outstretched hands motioning as if you’re grabbing boobs.
  17. I was doing volunteer work.
  18. I was watching old episodes of Glee.
  19. I was playing shuffleboard.
  20. I was spinning my head right round, right round…like a record baby.

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