Friday, November 20, 2009

Winner, Winner, Turkey Dinner

I am about 36 hours away from the arrival of The Gray Lining and Patty Cakes for the Thanksgiving Holiday, and if this year’s visit turns out anything like last year’s visit then anything I might possibly post on the interweb would probably be incoherent. So…I figured I would go ahead and give a pre-emptive Thanksgiving post.

Giving Thanks for Power Hour

Dirty-Sierra-Nevada-Hoodie giving thanks for beer pong and A giving thanks that Dirty SNH is light.
This is the 2nd Thanksgiving that I will be spending with The Gray Lining and Patty Cakes, at least the 2nd one as “adults”. We had a fantastic beach holiday last year and decided to make this a tradition of sorts. I know this tradition will probably fade over time, or at least change to some degree when The Gray Lining and Patty Cakes have a gaggle of cupcakes (cupcakes is what The Gray Lining has decided to call their future children, consequently I almost had a heart attack when talking to The Gray Lining on the phone the other day after she told me that she and Patty Cakes just got done making cupcakes…. I recovered after I realized she was talking about those of the baking variety). But until tiny versions of The Gray Lining and Patty Cakes come along for me spoil, I will cherish the small tradition that we have.

The Feast was Glorious! (above: damn yankees don't know that the kind of coconuts that grow on our tree are the ones you don't eat)

I will say that this holiday will be spent without the 4th member of our little tradition, Dirty SNH. However, he will be fed-exing us “one (1) sandal to complete the pair that was left in A's garage and one (1) bungee cord that is not currently mangled in a bike chain.” to complete our holiday. I suppose a back story on that would be helpful---Last year the sea was angry one night…or perhaps Dirty SNH was angry at the sea, nonetheless at about 2 am after a day and night full of drinking he decided to throw his flip flop into the ocean. The other flip flops remains, to this day, in my garage without it’s fellow. Moreover, a bungee cord was severely mangled by a bicycle chain on a late night trip to waffle house. When told this story was quite fuzzy, but it involved a box cutter and no hash browns.
Dirty-Sierra-Nevada-Hoodie proudly displaying his favorite attire.
Part of our tradition includes going around the table before dinner and sharing what you’re thankful for…so, here is (not an exhaustive) list of what I am thankful for this fine Thanksgiving.
  • My momma~ She rarely wears FUBU anymore but she’s still the most rockin’ 60 year old I have ever met. I’m lucky to have a momma that cares about me so damn much and one that I can stand enough to let her live with me for months on end. I’m thankful for her every day.
  • Tux Sassy Pantalones~ She is my baby and my fuzzy alarm clock. I always find it amazing that I can so quickly love a kitten. It takes me years to trust and love another person but something about a fuzzball just turns me to mush.
  • My ‘family’~ This year I got the brother I had always wanted in Patty Cakes ;) and next year I will be adding a sister to my family by way of the Flewis nuptials. My family seems to get just a little bit bigger every year. I guess, I’m just one of the one’s lucky enough to have friends I can call family.
  • Thanksgiving dinner ~ I am thankful for you and all your deliciousness. I love you deeply and let’s not forget your sides, oh and your desserts, I adore them as well.

As I said, this list is no where close to exhaustive but I've been very busy and important trying to get everything ready workwise so our tradition can continue this year...back with more tall tales in about a week. Until then, its off to try to drink ever beer in Key West and FMB for A, The Gray Lining, and Patty Cakes.

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