Friday, November 27, 2009

Oh, the weather outside is weather...

Its beginning to look, or at least feel, a lot like Christmas and a lot like my vaca is coming to an end...but what a wonderful vacation it was. This year's turkey day was spend with The Gray Lining and Patty Cakes, being that I actually live where we choose to spent the Thanksgiving holiday The Gray Lining and Patty Cakes agreed to make my vacation feel more like a vacation by spending 2 days down in Key West.
The Duo arrived in FMB at about 11:30pm last Saturday night and Dramamine in hand it was off to jump the boat to Key West at 7 Sunday morning. The ride down was fairly uneventful but as always KW was home to the making of memories and the scene of stories meant to share.

Lucky for The Gray Lining and I, Patty Cakes did not learn until day two of the trip that there are no open container laws in KW, but that didn't stop us from partaking in a multitude of adult beverages beginning about a half hour after we stepped foot off the boat. The libations began at the Schooner Wharf Bar where Michael McCloud was playing which always makes for a nice afternoon. Begin fresh off the boat and not able to check into our hotel room Patty Cakes found it necessary to visit the bathroom at the bar...wherein he found a nice little surprise awaiting him on the toilet seat. This would not have been a problem except that this trip to the bathroom was a necessity. What to do, was the topic of conversation for most of our afternoon. The Gray Lining said the obvious answer was the let the wait staff know, Patty Cakes didn't want to ruin our waiters afternoon so that option got vetoed. My solution- take one the plastic forks provided for our meal, get my sharpie out of my bag, write "Turd Fork" and "Turd Removal Device- Patent Pending" on it, and give it to Patty Cakes to 'nudge" the turd off the toilet. I apologize if anyone is or was eating as they read this, but if you know me, then you know that poo is not ever an inappropriate topic of conversation. I can't help but giggle when I think of the person who cleans the bathroom finding a fork, with poo on it sitting next to the plunger that reads "Turd Fork". Priceless.

Of course time was spent at Tiny Bar and we hit up the normal touristy destinations such as the Southernmost point, according to Key West, we did not get to visit what Patty Cakes actually thinks is the Southernmost point, a big metal tower that he believed was further south. In the blink of an eye the trip was over and it was back on the boat home to fmb for Turkey Day. The boat provided for some entertainment in the form of people watching. We played a game we called "Drunk or Boat?", it basically consists of watching people try to walk and deciding whether their poor balance was brought on by the boat or by the booze. Additionally Patty Cakes came back from the bathroom at one point with tp hanging out the back of his pants which was awesomely hilarious and spurred this little gem---A: "Don't worry Patty Cakes, it happens to the best of us." The Gray Lining: "Really?" A: "Well it happens to the best of us that it happens to."

Turkey dinner was fantastic, and The Gary Lining and Patty Cakes are sadly back off to the blistery north. All and all, it was a great vacation and I will patiently await Thanksgiving dinner deliciousness and a visit from my family next year.

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