Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Where'd I put that dream dictionary?

I think I need a new dream dictionary...mine moved to North Carolina. Ok, so my dream dictionary wasn't so much a book but a roommate, who loved to analyze my dreams. I can't count how many times I woke up confused, sad, happy, or with some type of ailment (typically from physically kicking or punching the wall in response to what was happening in my dream) and explained it detail by detail to No Longer Easy E while it was still a vivid memory. She was either insanely insightful or I am insanely gullible. Either way, thinking back about those moments releases a little dab of dopamine into my average sized brain.

As you can probably tell, I have some pretty realistic dreams. I remember a Friends episode once where Phoebe is mad at Ross but she can't remember why. Turns out he did something mean to her in her dream. I feel that, I often wake up (even from non Tylenol PM induced sleep) not sure if something actually happened or not. Now, don't get me wrong even though the dream about me being the Whooo version of Iron Man's sidekick felt real I was fully aware that I was not part of the Avengers. Sometimes though, even the most outlandish of dreams trick me....

I dreamed I met Ellen at her show and someone (whoever I was with at the show and had gotten me there) told her I had this amazingly hilarious laugh. So Ellen gets right up in my face and just says "laugh", she didn't even have a smile on her face, very stern and un-Ellen like actually. So I am so very nervous that I can only muster what I call my fake work laugh. Ellen looks at me, disappointed, kind of the same way the Tiger Woods does on Wii's Tiger Woods Golf game when I make the digital version of him shank one into the woods, and then she walks away. I cry. I woke up so sad, I'd missed my chance. It all seemed so real. Analyze that.

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