Thursday, February 10, 2011

I don't play a doctor on tv, but I do play one in real life

In college I used to have anxiety attacks quite often, to a point where I considered getting medicated. Meds never came into the picture and over the years I learned to manage them myself. There were always particular triggers, most of them school related, a combination of lack of sleep and entirely too much stress to be the awesome person (academically speaking of course, no stress in just being plain awesome) that I am . Since college and becoming an 'adult' anxiety attacks have been few and far between and have only come on during very stressful times. That is, until about the past month. The anxiety attacks have been happening more frequently and as I've noticed their prevalence increasing I've been trying to figure out what's triggering them. The only thing I I have noticed is that they seem to correlate more often than not to playing angry birds.

Diagnosis- I'm allergic to angry birds. If I can muster the will power, angry birds will be joining the list of things I avoid due to allergies which include tide laundry detergent, crest toothpaste, and criticism.

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