Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gettin' back to nature

About a week ago She'sBossy entertained me during our 9am mental health break with the little story I'm about to share with you.

Apparently He'sBossy had been trying for several weeks to dislodge some water from his ear. I'm sure everyone has experienced the sheer annoyance of having water stuck in their ear... you can't concentrate on anything else, you find yourself bouncing up and down with your head tilted to the side trying to shake it out, perhaps you even give yourself a few whacks on the un-ailed ear to see if that force can knock it loose, within a half hour you've picked up a q-tip and started digging, if it's not out within an hour you question how much long you can live like this...maybe not, but that’s been my personal experience. Regardless of how we differ in coping with this problem imagine living with it for two weeks, I think we can all agree that would be miserable. He’sBossy tried everything under the sun, including all the aforementioned tactics as well as a few extra such as having She’sBossy pour rubbing alcohol in his ear. Nothing seemed to work. Well, low and behold after getting to work about a week ago She’sBossy got a phone call which yielded a very excited He’sBossy saying “I got it out”, turns out “it” was not water but a… it wasn’t a bug because I know that’s exactly what you’re thinking….it was a seed, which had taken root in his ear. I know, disturbing.

This conversation led way to talk of random shit growing in people’s bodies. Turns out some guy in Russia had a pine tree growing in his lungs.

After finding this out I was intrigued by other weird places vegetation takes root, and thanks to the fancy thing I call the interweb I stumbled upon these other gems.

This guy can make you a living ring. That’s nature, right there at your fingertips!

This tree looks like a butt. I like my tree's round and big! 36, 24, 36..only if my douglas fir's 5'3". I’m immature, I know but you have to admit, that Mother Nature is a saucy minx.

Turns out after arriving home She’sBossy had to inform He’sBossy that the “seed” growing in his ear was not so much a seed but a scab, with some wax in a root-like formation. And I thought the idea of a seed in someone’s ear was gross.

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  1. I don't know if I am more grossed out by that picture of the pine tree lung or the idea of a scab with root-like wax formation.

    People at work probably think I'm crazy when I laugh while reading blogs at my desk. "Only if my douglas fir's 5'3" and "saucy minx" really got me :)