Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Things that make you go hmmmm

Last night I watched American Idol for the first time this season because my roommate apparently can't live without watching it. Overall I was disinterested, though the kid who apparently has tourettes was pretty good, that was until Brett Loewenstern lit up the stage. No, it wasn't his singing, because quite frankly anytime I hear that song (come on baby light my fire...) my mind jumps to a fire safety song which goes 'come on kids don't play with fire...', it was his hair. Well, not the hair itself, the combination of the back lights hitting his mane as he flipped it about in the whimsical, almost sexy (if he was a she) way that he do. I couldn't help but think of the scene in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts wakes up in the am revealing her curly auburn hair after taking off the blond bob wig. I was just waiting for little Brett to ask Ryan if he had a run in his pantyhose.

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