Thursday, March 3, 2011

With age comes wisdom....and early bird specials

Took a little camping trip to the Peace River this past weekend and became a little bit smarter....

Turns out 4x thinks biodegradable has the same definition as disappearing or evaporating. Friday night she took a pee pee in the woods, used potty wipes which were described as "biodegradable" on the packaging and in the morning investigated the piece of woods designated the girls room to see if the wipes were gone yet. Seriously? FYI, she's a doctor.

My body was 100% built for pleasure, not speed. In an 8 mile canoe trip I think I paddled (or what Whooo called "power boating", due to my very short spurts of quick paddle strokes) for a total of a mile, in maybe 10 foot increments.

4x is insane.

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