Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sister Sister

Our little conversations always make my heart smile....

The Gray Lining: That naked women who threw her teeth into a canal kinda looks like mom.
A: That literally made me laugh out loud.
The Gray Lining: Good. But no really... she did.
Steve-o said that woman is Mexican but if you put red lipstick on her and color in her eyebrows it could me Momma

The Gray Lining: What do I eat on a regular basis? I'm making a shopping list.
A: beans
The Gray Lining: I brought those with me.

The Gray Lining: Today I practiced driving to work and I went to the gym I am going to join.
A: You need to practice driving to work? I mean you're not the best driver but still, I don't think there is a lot of fixing all the muscle memory now.
The Gray Lining: You are so funny. Juggles showed me the route that has the Starbucks drive through.

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