Monday, April 19, 2010

Paging Doctor Intern

Never again will I have to wonder if it’s ok to take random drug with alcohol, discovering what a pill I found haphazardly in my medicine cabinet with L6785J etched in it is actually for will only be a phone call away, and the phrase “I’m practically a doctor” will only come from my mouth. Pigs have flown, hell has in fact installed an ice skating rink …as of 5pm Friday, our little Intern became a Doctor.

It’s ok to be scared, we are talking about this girl….

Yes, the one who let me cut her hair after consuming an entire pitcher of daiquiris, the girl who loves McChickens so much she will even eat them after they have been dropped in sand, the medical mind who diagnosed herself with an alcohol allergy only to find out she actually somehow caught her dog’s skin condition, and the person who replied “Soil.orlgimpxldimsup” to this text I sent her Saturday night after her 14 hour graduation celebration “Just checking if my fav hot mess is still alive. I don’t require actual words, any type of response will do".
Congrats, Doctor Intern. I’m so very proud you went from practically to actual. I love you!


  1. Greatest post ever. I am, in fact, still alive even after the binge continued through Sunday. No worries, I'm taking a break today and tomorrow, but Wednesday it's on again like Donkey Kong.

  2. Oh snap! I will never trust medical advice again.

    This just proves my point... they give degrees to just anyone. ;)

  3. I'm very proud of you too! Can you make sure it stays "on like Donkey Kong" until I get there Friday, please?

  4. I forgot to take a break last night and accidentally went out drinking again