Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Top 10 Reasons Little A is taking her sweet time....

They call it a cone of uncertainty for a reason. Today officially puts Little A two days late. I’m patiently awaiting the birth of my very first niece, though I’m not so sure that My BMF and The Future Mrs. My BMF are waiting patiently, perhaps waiting in quite the opposite fashion. The nursery is ready, car seats have been properly installed by a well trained professional, and The Future Mrs. My BMF is looking a little weary from carrying around what appears to be an overinflated basketball in the front of her shirt. Although I’m practically a doctor and perfectly qualified to deliver should she decide to come in an emergency fashion at tonight’s softball game, I have no idea when Little A is actually going to show her pretty face to the world, what I do have are some theories on why she is taking her sweet time.

  1. Her dad is super loud and she doesn’t want to hear him at full volume.
  2. She hears those yappy dogs, and she is a cat person.
  3. She doesn’t want to get left on the top of the car by her dad as he drives off from the hospital, it seems much safer in the confines of the tummy.
  4. Due to a lack of motor function , general room to contort her body in such a small place, and hair product she is having a hard time styling her hair into a mini faux hawk for her first pictures. The vanity gene is pretty strong, or so I’ve heard.
  5. Like her parents she arrives at a party that starts at 8pm at 10pm.
  6. She realizes her mom is one of those cute pregnant moms, so she's just helping her stay pregnant a little longer.
  7. She doesn't really like the color pink and she doesn't want to wear all those clothes in her closet.
  8. She’s waiting for her mom to learn how to spell her name.
  9. It is actually an overinflated basketball in The Future Mrs. My BMF’s shirt and we’ve all been duped.
  10. For her name her parents have picked out a derivative of April, her to-be birth month, in Spanish (Abril), but she would prefer a derivative of May in Spanish (Mayo), like Mayonnaise, or Maybelline.

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