Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Do you own that tuxedo, or is it a rental?

Its really hard to believe its been a year. I've heard people say time flies when you're having fun, I've heard people say time disappears when you're blacked out, and I've heard people say it was over in a the blink of an eye when talking about their vacation, but I've never heard someone refer to time spent nursing scratches, cleaning out litter boxes, and mapping out covert trips to the bathroom so you can take a shower just once without a 8 lbs of fur joining you, described in a similar capacity. I guess I'll be the first.

A year ago, Tux(edo) Sassy Pantalones came bounding into this world and a short two months later she became the apple of my eye, the Hall to my Oates, the other pea to join my pod. Tux has her moments that make all her annoying traits fade quickly away and if you are ever lucky enough to be the first person to pick her up right after she wakes up from a cat nap and enjoy the 30 seconds of love you get before she realizes that someone is holding her, you'll know just what I'm talking about. You'll forget about her lack of tact that leaves drop-you-with-one-sniff poos uncovered in the litter box, and focus on how she picks up her stuffed sheep and carries it around with her, even when that stuffed animal was as big as she was. You'll forget about her drinking from the bathroom sink at the exact moment you need a sip of water to rinse the toothpaste out of your mouth, and focus on how funny it is when she Criss Angel's you just as you are spitting out your toothpaste into what was an empty sink onto what is now a toothpaste covered kitty. You'll forget about the terror you see in your overweight cat Angel's eyes as Tux enters 'attack mode', and focus on the two lbs that your overweight cat Angel has lost from all the wrestling matches and how much easier she is to pick up and how much less you have to tell her that 'big is beautiful'.

Time flies.

Happy birthday my sweet Tuxedo baby!


  1. no one calls her sweet... don't lie to your fans!

  2. Happy Birthday,Tuxedo!!! I am your HG(human grandparent). You may remember me as an older version of your mom, who occasionally appears in your upstairs home. Well, perhaps not! (No offense, Tux, but you're not the sharpest claw on the cat!) However you might remember that at certain times you get lots of catnip, treats, clean/fresh litter box, lots of playtime in the sink and on the counter!?!? And I'm positive that somewhere in your lil' cat brain, there is a connection of the bond we formed, as I nursed you back from near death when you were adopted by your Aunt E. HG loves you, and misses you. Give your mom scratch for me.

  3. Happy belated birthday to my little black and white gf!