Tuesday, February 2, 2010

You're pretty

In grad school I had an amazing professor named Lloyd Kolbe, google him, seriously this man is the shiznit. Not only does he have an amazing beard, he has made some pretty amazing accomplishments in the world of public health.

Aside from being a public health god, he was full of interesting ideas; such as the idea that no one is actually stupid. He was a large believer in the Howard Gardner theory of multiple intelligences. This theory developed in the early 80’s basically states that there are 7 intelligences. They consist of Linguistic intelligence, Logical-mathematical intelligence, Musical intelligence, Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, Spatial intelligence, Interpersonal intelligence, and Intrapersonal intelligence. He later added Naturalist intelligence to his theory.
I always found it to be a great way of thinking as a teacher, especially as a teacher of a subject I always felt like students could excel at, if taught in the proper way, despite their intelligence (as in the traditional definition).

In the days you’ve known me I’m willing to bet each of you has done or said something “stupid” and I have undoubtedly told you how pretty you were or how great you personality is. According to this theory I was merely pointing your intelligence. You’re welcome.

So, I will happily use (and add to) Mr. Gardner’s theory and the next time you say something stupid don’t be surprised if I tell you how aesthetically intelligent or interpersonally intelligent you are.


  1. i disagree with this man's theory whole heartedly

    I believe there are people that are actually just 100% stupid in all aspects of life, and they aren't pretty either

    can you tell i had a bad day?