Thursday, February 18, 2010

Narcissism at it’s finest

For the Kissy Faced Booty Shaker birthday this year we gave way to her narcissism and participated wholeheartedly in a “J” party. One rule: you couldn’t come as yourself (way too many friends who’s names start with J), but that didn’t stop people from coming dressed as their own interpretations of each other. The pictures tell the real story so I will let them do just that. KFBS, I know your birthday was full of laughter and good friends and I truly hope it was enough to fulfill your need for attention until next year. ;) Loves!

Party Goers

No Longer Easy E as "J-Wow"

The Kissy Faced Birthday Girl as "Jolly Green Giant"

Katrainwreck and My BMF as "Juno and Joe Dirt"

Momma as "Jugs"

Steve-o as "My BMF"

"Jockey" wins the triple crown

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  1. most of the time I don't comment on your blog because I can't even form words... for example the fact that the life size cardboard cut out of you is in the group picture... there just aren't words