Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Bucket List

I don't have a bucket list, mainly because I despise being on a bandwagon. Like bands, hate wagons. Not really, I neutral on the wagon front.

Regardless, a number of my friends do subscribe to lists of the bucket variety to guide them in different endeavors and adventures in life. This blog is about 1 friend and #47 (totally made up that number for effect) on her list. More than that, this blog is about living your dreams, this blog my friends is about tamales.

Grossed out? Yeah, you'll have that.

According to the TenKeyNinja she knocked off numero 47 wed night when her softball team went undefeated. In celebration her team sponsor bought them a bag of chicken tamales from the blue cooler tamale guy.

Perhaps I should give you a little background. Apparently in the windy city of Chicago there are a number of entrepreneurs, who frequent bars around the hours that people will be drunk enough to eat just about anything, selling tamales out of coolers. They are pretty well-known and typically referred to by the color of their cooler e.g. blue cooler tamale guy, or red cooler tamale guy. The joke has been tossed around that the tamales are prepared by these gentlemen's mass their bathtubs. Little too close to the truth me thinks, funny nonetheless. Alrighty, back to scratching 4-7 of the list.

Apparently the TenKeyNinja ate two tamales, found them delicious for something made in a bathtub and as of 1:35pm Eastern Standard time on Thursday has not gotten violently ill. Winning! Seems like the Ten Key Ninja is sold, "Conclusion: Blue cooler tamale guy is legit. As for red cooler tamale guy, we will have to see. But, last night I learned blue and red cooler tamale guy are cousins, so it's quite possible their supply comes from the same bathtub."

Congrats on #47 TenKeyNinja, oh also on #16 (additionally fabricated). Apparently she gets to mark two things off the old Bucket List this week as on Sunday she "Ran in a Marathon". Don't get it twisted, note the word is key.

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