Thursday, November 4, 2010

That's what she said, and also what he said

Still on a high after my wonderful weekend, so much so that I thought it deserved a second post. I figured I would steer away from the yucky love stuff this time around and give you a couple quotes from the weekend. This only begins to explain why my abs actually hurt from laughing so much. Enjoy :)

"You're like that guy snoochie from that MTV show." - Patty Cakes poorly referencing The Situation's (from the jersey shore) fascination with his abs to my fascination with my hair.

"Shocking this is a lesbian wedding, there's a f#cking Uhaul parked outside." B-Ru

"You know what I call it, a second goalie"- A describing how Nonnie's beard is something that could keep him from scoring with a girl at the wedding

"I hope someone takes me home today."- Nonnie first thing in the morning after waking up in the nautically themed orphanage type room we stayed in.

" 'The Gray Lining is awesome', Direct quote from everyone at the wedding."- The Gray Lining when I asked her if she could remember any quotes from the wedding weekend.

I didn't shart, my butt reverbed" - Nonnie after he very well may have sharted. Just sayin', he took a shower right after that.

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