Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The luckiest little girl god ever made...

Seems another Thanksgiving has come and gone and although I took a week off of work to spend the holiday with The Gray Lining and Patty Cakes, it seemed only a few moments had passed between the time their plane touched down in the dirty south and took back off to the blistery north. It's not surprising, as time with my baby sister seems to always pass by so very quickly.

This year we were again -1, as Dirty Sierra Nevada Hoodie spent his holiday in SF. I did however have a good look around the garage for his lone flip flop so we could get toasty and chuck it into the ocean that way at least his spirit would be with us. Alas, the flip flop was MIA. Probably best it wasn't located as polluting the ocean that I adore so much is not really something anyone should do, especially considering that if the flip flop was anything like DSNH himself or his clothing it was probably a bit 'un-washed'.

Aside from the lack of DSNH it was Thanksgiving business as usual, meaning multiple trips to the beach, multiple trips to the bars, enough food to make me gain more than a few lbs over the course of the week, and as a direct result of number two on that list another thanksgiving day morning spent panicking because we woke up entirely too late. This year also included a trip to the "shake-shake", or for those of you from around these parts, "pantyfleas" (which apparently is pretty common on the night before thanksgiving as several of my friends reported similar Thanksgiving Eve stories), The Gray Lining falling asleep from either too much beers or too much foods multiple times (seems with age not only comes wisdom but also earlier bed times), and what Patty Cakes was referring to as "Mustache Thanksgiving" (or what I like to call "facial hair that makes parents pull their children close to them").

Per the thanksgiving tradition, thanks were given by those in attendance and per blog tradition I will say what my little heart is thankful for this year.

1. Always topping the list- My Momma. She's never afraid to speak her mind, and always the first to provide a compliment about the most obscure features on someone (thanks to her I am confident that both my and The Gray Lining's foreheads are in fact gorgeous). She loves unconditionally, takes such joy in the simple things in life, and genuinely enjoys spending time with her kids, and grand kittens. She see's people for the person they are, not the labels others put on them because that is just "how momma rolls". I'm truly thankful for you everyday.
2. The dessert concoction created by Imperial on Thanksgiving. Here's the thing, I love pumpkin, and I have yet to find something flavored like pumpkin that I don't adore. This brilliant man took Pumpkin Spice Egg Nog, Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream, and Rum, mixed them all together. It was legen.......i hope you're not lactose intolerant because you will never be able to enjoy this phenomenally delicious treat....dary.
3. The Gray Lining and Patty Cakes. I'm thankful that every year I get to spend my one of my favorite holidays with my family. While I do make it to Chicago several times a year it has been quite some time since I've been "home" to the ville and it means the world too me that they take the time off work to fly south (granted I partially think its because I have a beach house).
4. Friends that are really family. You make my heart smile every day. Always there to support me, tell me when I'm being an idiot, and sometimes encourage me to be an idiot because you know the end result will make me happy.
5. My babies, Tuxedo Sassy Pantalones and Flavor Flav. I don't know how I made it without you. Tuxedo I am especially thankful that you have taken a likening and welcomed Flav into our home. I know it must have been hard on you but you are a wonderful big sister now and you have a tiny fuzzy toy to play with now! Flav you are my snuggler and a fantastic one at that. I'm happy we survived thanksgiving without you ending up in Patty Cakes luggage cause I don't know what I would do without you to wake me up with a toe bite every morning.

Ok, this is obviously nowhere near an exhaustive list, but I think I hit the big ones. Also, I don't know how I end up talking about the most important things in my life every year and somehow a type of food makes it into the mix. Eh, whatever, its my life don't judge.

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