Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Flavor of Love

The past couple days have brought some realizations in my little life....first off due to my hairdresser somehow completely avoiding my bangs during my last hair cut, my hair is looking more and more like Justin Bieber's every day, and as it turns out when you smile, I do in fact subsequently smile. Also, I'm in love and I didn't even have to go on a reality TV show. Because I'm quite certain the Bieber hair do is going as soon as I can get it cut, that is unless there happens to be a lot of Bieber-fever surrounding me, I think I'll stick to the latter of the two topics for your reading pleasure.

I'm in love, with .4 lbs of fuzz, and his name is Flavor Flav and unlike his namesake he is as handsome as can be. Last Thursday my secretary and her two teary eyed daughters handed over the most adorable bundle of blue eyed fur, and we made our way home. Needless to say Tuxedo was none too happy about the addition of a kitten to our home, and with her tiny brain seemed utterly confused as to what it was doing walking around her house. Five days, a hundred fights, and roughly 15 kitten scratches later, I spent last night sleeping in my bed with two cats who didn't remotely look like they wanted to kill each other. It was bliss.

I love kittens, they melt my heart in about .2 seconds. I can understand how people aren't cat people, but I can't fathom how someone can't love a kitten. He is perfect and wonderful and everyday when my secretary asks me if I want to take one of his brothers or sisters home too I have to remind myself that the maximum allowable cat to person ratio is two to one. I'm seriously considering getting into a committed relationship so I can have another kitten without becoming the creepy cat lady.

Now tell me you didn't just fall in love too?


  1. Based on this posting I am allowed to have one more cat? I will let Patrick know. Thanks!

  2. Based on Mary's comment- Expect a strongly worded letter from Patrick.

    In other news, Flava Flav is lovely. Kudos mama.