Thursday, December 23, 2010

All I want for Christmas is...

  • Tuxedo to start covering up her dookies in the litter box
  • the coordination to actually use my heeleys
  • a waffle maker
  • a white IU hat
  • a Flowbee
  • Taboo
  • blue bamboo sheets, queen size
  • extreme lipo dissolve
  • a new domino set
  • Easy E's balls in my mouth, I can't get enough of her delicious balls
  • a Roomba
  • the book "Seven Gothic Tales"
  • a winning IU b-ball season
  • Flavor Flav to learn how to use his claws
  • someone to stain my entertainment center for me
  • a merry day for those I love most

I'm not sure how my Christmas list will play out this year, pretty sure I'm not getting a flowbee, or a roomba but a girl can dream can't she? I am fairly sure that The Gray Lining got me a cat, which means that I need to find someone, fall in love, and get them to move in pronto according to my very own non-scientific, non-research based theory that the maximum allowable cat to person ratio is 2-1. You might be thinking, easier said than done- you would be correct, especially considering I have just recently warmed up to the idea of potentially dating. A year ago saying the word 'dating' would have been very quickly followed by just the tiniest bit of vom. I know, I had the same reaction to the thought of dating as most people have to two girls one cup. Don't judge. Typing the words "love", and "move in" just made me a little queasy, so to The Gray Lining, please take note that nowhere on my Christmas list will you find "another kitten", or "become a creepy cat lady".

Whatever is on your list this year, I hope it finds its way under your tree, and if you're like me and one of the boxes is meowing maybe forget to open that one. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good stiff cocktail. All of mine this wonderful holiday season :)

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