Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You Can’t Afford the Luxury of Negative Feelings and a New Couch

I've never actually read a self help book, or even had a moment of pause as I've walked through that section in Borders but I suppose if I stumbled upon a book with that title or another overly specific self-help book like "How to Win Friends & Influence People While Painting Your Toenails" I might flip through a page or two. I did a search on borders.com, turns out they haven't been written yet. Perhaps the Gray Lining can toss those in her to-be-written book title pile along with "Patty Do: A Guide to Stargate, Beer, Accounting and Being Naked" and various others regarding life from the perspective of her two cats. You see, according to my sissy a great book starts with a great title, not vice-versa as the majority of the literary community believes. That being said, I'm a bit hesitant to wait for her to pen a self help book based solely upon a title.

In the mean time I've decided to live my own "self help book" because its true, I really can't afford the luxury of negative feelings and a new couch, and this girl has got to have a comfy place to sit and watch her stories.

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