Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You Betcha

While I'm well aware there are a number of things I do that I should be embarrassed about, I'm not really sure with which of the following my embarrassment should lie...read on my friends and you tell me.

Last night I was watching Dancing with the Stars (possible thing to be embarrassed about #1) because a. there was nothing else on tv and b. i wanted to see just how bad The Situation danced. My viewing was intermittent as I've been trying to catch up on laundry after being without a washer since August 9th but I did happen to pass by the tv just as they were interviewing Sarah Palin. I paused because quite frankly that lady says some messed up shit and gives me quite the laugh every once in a while. What caught my attention was not her stories of hunting moosen or waving at Russians, but her attire. You see pretty recently I picked up this sweet leather jacket, along with a few compliments on my hipness.

Turns out Sarah Palin and I do our shopping at the same store (possible thing to be embarrassed about #2)

Or maybe Ms. Sarah Palin should be embarrassed about shopping at the same store as someone in their 20's.

Oh also, am I the only one who is wondering if The Situation has smooshed Taledega or Daytona (or whatever her name is) Palin yet?

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