Monday, June 21, 2010

You just got "Iced"

This past weekend No Longer Easy E, Sweet Little Baby Doll JT, and I decided to take a real simple staycation in beautiful Islamorada. First off let me just say that I love when decisions are made after a few cocktails, and I love it even more when those decisions result in mini holidays. Secondly, I love how when I go on vacation I go to the beach, considering I live...on the beach. Nonetheless, Friday afternoon we drove 3 hours closer to the equator.

After arriving to our very own Kapua suite we had a quick dinner and headed to the resort tiki bar. It wasn't long before we found out that the tiki bar we had set up shop at was closing at 11pm. Shortly after assessing our situation, No Longer Easy E and SLBDJT took this early closing time as a cue to make it a cocktail night instead of a beer night. Not much longer after that decision was made a group of guys on vacation from Texas arrived and proceeded to convince, through promise of a large monetary gain, the bartender to stay open until around 3 am. Suddenly the aforementioned decision appeared to be not the correct one.

We learned a couple things over the course of the evening....

1. I reaffirmed the fact that accents mesmerize me.
b. SLBDJT needs more 'man friends'.
3. That we should always have a Smirnoff Ice on our person.

I know what you're thinking...obviously, obviously, and what?!? That's right, after this weekend I'm pretty sure SLBDJT is carrying a lukewarm Smirnoff Ice in his suit jacket today at work. Ok, maybe not at work but he probably has one under the seat of his car so he can be ready in case another bro tries to "ice him". Apparently, there is a new drinking game sweeping our fine in which you pull a Smirnoff Ice out of your pocket, hand it to your bro and he then gets down on one knee like the b*#ch he is and chugs it. The only thing that can save you from being "Iced" is to also carry a Smirnoff Ice around with you and when you are presented with a Smirnoff Ice (aka Iced) you pull out your very own Smirnoff and block it. At that point the person who tried to Ice you has to chug both of them.

This may be the dumbest thing I have ever heard of, and I'm fairly confident that either some frat hole or perhaps Smirnoff themselves in some brilliant marketing scheme came up with it. Have you ever drank Smirnoff ice? Maybe when you were 14? I swear you can't order one of those things and not get carded, yet there were 15 grown men buying it like it was going out of style and Icing each other.

The moral of this story is....after watching the hilarity of this unfold, and seeing SLBDJT get Iced, I might pick up a six pack....really, I got dared to bong one of those things once in college....after that experience I definitely see a strong need to carry a blocker.

Did you just get Iced?


  1. thank you for explaining that game, i've been wondering for some time what all the fuss is about, but i won't lie... it sounds fantastic... hope you're feeling better jt