Thursday, June 10, 2010

I reek of success....and meatball sub

It's been about three years and probably eight seasons since "I'd Hit That" first stepped onto a softball field as a team. In that time, we've seen our share of loses and wholly formed the team motto of 'Aim for the middle'. It's like this, I like to set goals that are attainable, for example: shower in the morning before work; that might not seem like a goal but more of a given nonetheless everyday I start out by accomplishing something--I choose to set the bar low and rise on up throughout my day. In that spirit, going for that 500 has been working for us for a number of seasons. In fact we haven't held up a number lower than 5 (usually out of 6 teams) in our season ending team picture in as long as I can remember.

This year something changed...evolution takes years. I mean, if the appendix takes centuries to go from being an integral cog in our digestive system to what is now an tiny pouch that serves no purpose but to periodically burst and almost kill us, then a group of misfits who would be eligible for winning nothing aside from best team name could win a championship...if given enough time.

Perhaps we evolved, perhaps it was a fluke, perhaps the moon was aligned just right..I mean hell, the Blackhawks won a championship the same night. What I do know is that every once in a while the sky opens up and a beautiful beam of sunshine lands on shit.

Congrats "I'd Hit That", it was a landmark season.

Your's in coaching omnipotence,


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  1. It was a beautiful, beautiful night... I call it sheer talent. ;)